To be lost at sea in a cold and lonely dark....



Drawn down into the icy, dark deep

Engulfed within the busom 

Of a cold, crushing sleep

Feel the cold embrace

A chilling kiss to your face


See the light from above 

Fade slowly from view

From the dawn of the day

From the morning dew

As the writhing waters welcome you

To their icy womb

A desolate tomb


And as the colour fades

And the night grows deep

As you silently slip

Into that long dark sleep


As you leave behind

A life you once knew

A cold truth hits you 

Through and through


To fight is futile

There is no release

To accept, to welcome

To embrace the peace


A shuddering sigh

As the cold fills your core

You surrender yourself

To this cold hearted whore


And the seas roll on

In their solemn advance

Any and all who care to challenge

Or chance


For the cruel icy depths

Are alive with lost souls

A cold crushing tomb

The buoys bell now tolls.



Written by Dartherino, 12 December 2013.


© 2013 Dartherino. All rights reserved.

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