The shine disappears I shall remember As friends for ever She seemed to me like flower Best out of all as rose with flavor I do not know But saying too goes With favor of such people To cite with many examples I know how painful it is! To miss near one as she was She stayed with all the emotions To water the plant with bond and relation So the plant grew with scent like fragrance Even passers by used to smell it at once How could I resist such temptation? When she was to leave with no relation! I was nervous for not losing her But the way she was dealing with care I always admired even at the cost of being criticized As I was fond of her and totally mesmerized Such kind of people are hardly found on earth We miss them till the time of death What a way of leaving behind impression? One may wonder and live always with obsession Have you ever noticed gloom on face? The shine disappears without any traces There prevails uncertainty in life for some more time The loss of flower indeed has remained sometimes

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