I said this before I said this before Again I speak for it therefore It is bad manner That may be realized sooner It is disrespect for a poet For fresh or old to remain quiet Not because he finds place here But goes unheard somewhere It is not important How good you write! How best you represent! In stylish way at present See the reason Offer some comments to a person For his creation To make him believe in poetic relation I find same set of poets Who write and forget Live in their own world But offer a reception very cold Read at least one poem Offer little on one of them At least some words for unknown poet It may make him to write more rather than to remain quiet They may have their own mentality To excel in field and show the best quality But if readers are not found The credit may look as zero and round “Muse India is nice forum “ We need to maintain decorum It is not the place to show only class But place for new poets to appear before and pass

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