Raise head He was hanged for no crime Died in jail in early hours sometimes No one to claim and no one to shed As message has gone totally unread Whatever the case may be Yet many more war prisoners are to be set free Languishing in various jails for more than four decades No steps for their release and they are assumed as still not dead No norms attract autocrat rulers No penalty is feared by democratic leaders Both rule in absence of effective mechanism There suffers only poor and humanism How many might have been killed so far? For border skirmishes and while being shelled A certain death for sure but goes in vain Only victim’s family bears the pain See the politician’s game Orchestrated attack engineered in jail No need to go now for any negotiation Both the countries may save face for relation Essential commodities for good will But almost daily fire for villagers to be killed Hatred and deep rooted suspicion persist Countries loose good will and still resist Neither faith nor peace may alter the situation There may be propaganda war and hostility continuation Population may suffer on both the side As deep rooted seeds of partition make more divide They suffer humiliation still insist Work towards instability and do not desist Whole world watches development with concern The enemies of peace raise their head in turn

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