I love the way you talk,

The way you laugh and the way you mmmm

The way you take care of me as if you are mine

The way you protect me as if I were yours

The way you teach me how to be good

Not to be bold and arrogant in times of bad mood.


I love the way you joke

The way you think

Though sometimes it’s difficult to express emotions

As there are limitations

The way you laugh at my jokes

And the way you listen

The way you appreciate my friendship

Yes, maybe because for you I am only beautiful.


Beautiful or not, I may please

To say: stay as my friend as I want it

May this be cherished and nourished

As I love to be your friend and be like this

I thank you for these wonderful memories

And echo the boyzone as I say

I love the way you love me.

And you I will cherish.

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