Hundreds lay dead in bomb blast It went and reaped through very fast We witness it as if of routine matter Question arises how long shall we cater ? How long will we suffer and bleed? What is the motive behind or greed? Is this a clever ploy to destabilize us? How can we go on putting the trust? Enough is enough and we can call it a day Blasts in day light can takes hundreds of lives away From their families and leave high and dry Humanity can only curse and feel shy What are we trying to achieve through so called peace initiative? Has that remained purposeful or subjective? They will never change and we shall not think so Let them die of their own and blow We are tolerant society and can restrain But what this humanity form is trying to maintain Run to their rescue and malign our own forces? Demoralize their moral and try for restrictions to impose They are working as fifth line saboteurs Like yellow journalism from money suppliers They have only one aim to bring national honor to shame We are calling them intellectuals with big fame Show no mercy to terrorists and hang them on wall Why should they be treated specially in cell? Country can ill afford on their maintenance When thousands are meeting with death not by chance It is shame on our part that we shed no politics Stick to vote politics and compromise values and basics Why not strengthen judiciary and come down heavily? After all entire human beings have right to leave happily?

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