hey you

this is a letter to you

don't turn your head looking side to side

i'am taking to you

don't give me that boyish laugh

that turns into

that down right

can't believe this shit chuckle

it's you


you did it

it was all (all - said streched-out) you

yea! it's you!

who els

would i say this too


that a blank stare

coming from your face

yes !

it's you

Oh! you want a simple reminder


just hard proof

how's it go?

it's me not you

oh! hoe thats the easy virgin (version)

wow!? you never said that


you just left

and i would get the message somehow...?

so next time you leave give

a girl a few words

with a better exit out

just a short and sweet

go kick rocks hint!

or just the dam turth... (semi-yelling)

this is not a love letter

this is just words

scribbled in tears


aka: lyricvixen 5-21-2022 ish

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