I hate myself. I am not a bad person, I just hate myself for caring so much about a person the possibly does not even care enough for me. To talk... or call me. Why do I allow myself to come to terms that I care for people that are less than what I want to be surrounded by? Checking up on others is my specialty. I do it so often it is a talent of mine; I'm a natural. I have realized that life is filled with desire... human beings that can sometimes even fill a hole that is missing in my life. To love. What does it mean to love someone? If you ask me... it means to have the ability to have an unconditional love for somebody. Love is just a word. Some have no real knowledge of how it feels to love... or how it feels to be loved. To be truly loved by another person. I often wonder if I was born into the correct generation. I am surrounded by uncultured swine's that could honestly care less about the real world, real feelings and real love. I have love for everyone. Strangers... ex's... unforgivable people I thought I wanted to hate. I cannot hate, it's not my fault either. I was made for love. Love isn't the only thing I bring to this world either... I bring charisma, character, realness, and honesty. Every person I meet has their own kind of beautiful. Those who's shared within their personality, their talents, love for music, and even their ability to create beautiful art. I've met a lot of people so far. I can tell you which ones are scared, genuinely happy, excited about new adventures, lost, and ugly. Those whom are ugly, are not categorized by their features, but are shown by their personalities and what the do to other creatures. The most beautiful can be the most broken, you just never know it. To love someone... to head over heels love someone is to be infatuated with how they maneuver. Love is just a word. It's your choice of how you want to spend your life defining it. Do you know how to love? Or are you just scared of being torn by oblivion? It's your choice... choose wisely.



By Moriah Martinez

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