Ignore me, it's cool, see, there's nothing, that I need, to do, anymore.

for soon I, will be freed, there will be, no stressing, or raps on, my door.

The best thing, for you'd be, to try and, forget me, I am, no more.

Times seem, to seek the, impending, transiting, the end of the, chore.


Love me, and hate me, berate me and fake me,

I don't see, further need, to not be, absentee,

I'm losing, and sinking, back into, my hole.

Don't try to save me, forget me, flee from me,

can't banish this feeling, I won't try, any more.


You won't, talk to me, it has been, for days see

Even though, I plead, and cry on my knees, we

are lost in the storm.

It was nice, knowing thee, but now we're just joking.

Why try, anymore?