We all lie.

We all lie.
We all lie about different things
At different times
For different reasons
For good or bad reasons

We lie to protect ourselves
We lie to protect the feelings of others
We lie as a way of expressing denial
We lie to get ahead
We lie to avoid falling behind
We lie for dramatic affect
We lie because it leads to a better result
Than any perceived alternative
We lie because it sounds better
We lie because we are bored
We lie because we don’t want you to be bored
We lie because it is simpler
We lie because the truth is too difficult
We lie because the truth is stranger than fiction
We lie because frankly you would lie too

We are told that there are 40 words for snow
In Eskimo
Because snow is important
To Eskimos

We have in English 100,000 words
For lying and repression to avoid the pain of the truth
We have no verb equivalent of “to lie” for “to truth.”

ddhh (c) 2013