Natural flavor

You opened up like rose
Spread from all sides as you chose
I could sense your presence through nose
It smelt and spread because….

I wanted her along with natural flavor
As she was gifted with natural fervor
All qualities were with her nature
She was the one for which I was very much sure 


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Can never fade

Can never fade

Love can never fade
As it is not business or trade
We are slaves of sentiments
Some to be shared with joy and some with grief moments

Human being has never been concerned
The table is always turned
Either it is man or woman
But ultimately a loss to human 

No one can judge...

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Poetry is freedom

Poetry is freedom!


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Lots of cheers

Lots of cheers


It rained heavily today

Breaking all the records on the way

People commented of it as heaviest downpour

The sky had it as if of roaring laughter


Even if you put millions of machines

To wet the earth and feel fine

I don’t think we may be able to do it...

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