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Flicker of second

Flicker of second


Let us dream of universal world

Let all countries be taken into confidence and told

The need to come to under one umbrella cover

With full assurance of their existence however


We have witnessed ethnic cleansing

We have seen mass annihilation while crossing


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My patience

I controlled my passion but could not 
Tears forcefully contained but rolled out
I have strong will but failed this time
Attachment is such relation you fail sometimes

I had beautiful times good moments
I used to wait for him and remain present 
He will sure come and close in 
To embrace...

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To be cursed as beggar

It is curse on earth to be called beggar

It hurts a person as if inserted with the dragger 

Who can like such remarks when had plenty?

He is spending life now as beggar with fallen grace from almighty 


The cycle changes in everybody’s life

Sometimes from the treachery of...

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Out from temple

Today Lord Krishna may come out from temple

From his place to visit his sister in a way very colorful

Pulled by disciples and with only one recitals

"Jai ranched" and express happiness on his arrivals


Lord Krishna along with brother and sister

Will leave temple in early morning...

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